BMW Z2 Cancelled

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BMW Z2 Cancelled

Postby BALLS » Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:39 am

A BMW source says a Z2 roadster 'doesn't make sense in these uncertain times'
BMW will not build the Z2.

According to Imotormag, a BMW source says that the car is not on the product plan for the next 10 years. The Z2 was to have been a 4-cylinder, compact roadster that came in below the Z4 in the BMW lineup. The source says that there hasn't even been any "inside gossip" about a possible Z2-type vehicle.

Speculation had it that as the Z4 became a more expensive and upmarket car, with a powerful in-line 6 cylinder engine and a significantly higher price than its previous generation, that the market was ripe for a smaller BMW roadster based on the 1-series. But the BMW source disagrees.

Imotormag's source explains it this way: "We have the 1-Series convertible. It's a drop top, has rear wheel drive, is sporty and comes in at less than £20,000. Why would we need to invest a lot of cash in building a niche car like the Z2? It doesn't make sense in these uncertain times."
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