Interview with M division boss. Direction of ///M cars

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Interview with M division boss. Direction of ///M cars

Postby digi » Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:59 pm interviewed M division boss Dr. Kay Segler at the 2011 NAIAS in Detroit. They posed some direct questions, many of which our very own members have often asked and are most interested in. Below are their most poignant questions and Dr. Segler's responses.

Q: Where are the lightweight cars?
A: M cars are being thoroughly inspected (every screw and component) for weight reduction generally, but especially from the top areas of the cars.

Q: Bring back high-revving 4-cylinder engines?
A: High revving turbo engines are the new way to go for M.

Q: Will all M cars have single turbocharged engines within 5 years?
A: We never should predict anything because we should be free of dogmas.

Q: Will BMW be returning to F1 racing with the return of turbochargers to Formula 1?
A: We are simply focusing on M cars and touring cars (24 hour races, DTM) - to have a car on the race course which a customer can also drive on the road.

Q: Will there be more special edition M3's in the future (i.e. GTS)?
A: M is always good for surprises. We will do other cars, maybe something within the next 12 months.

Q: Will M always have the manual transmission option?
A: Depends on the car and its character. The double clutch was the decision of M and it was a good decision and we keep that as far as we can.

Q: Will M cars be coming with ceramic brakes option?
A: We are working exactly on it, for the M5's.

Q: Will customer ever have option to delete air conditioning, radio?
A: Depending on the car. GTS comes without air con and radio and you can then add it as options

Q: Every car after the E30 M3 has been heavier and the problem solved with more power. Has M lost its plot?
A: We're working on the lightweight issue, but it's an uphill battle and it's not so easy.

Q: How would an M green car look?
A: We are already in a way green - brake energy regeneration; reduce in the future the M5's emissions by 25-30%. But we will not compromise on the performance of our cars.

The video interview can be found at
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Re: Interview with M division boss. Direction of ///M cars

Postby mcw » Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:01 pm

sad that the once engineering organisation is so lack of energy
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Re: Interview with M division boss. Direction of ///M cars

Postby Small Tomato » Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:46 am

If you put CO2 emission restriction into account, then you will realize how hard is this "uphill" battle. No matter how good you have designed, you can never pass the broad of directors (M division head's boss), I don't think anyone in the group can go an extra mile in this battle. The directors wanted more sales & profit, other matters are not their interest, it's a business afterall.

On the other hand, BMW can produce full carbon body to reduce weight but no one will buy it since it's way too expensive. Something like, will you buy a M5 at 5 million HKD with 200KG weight reduction? :)
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