z3 suspension

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z3 suspension

Postby betaruce » Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:44 pm

hi all, new to this forum. good to meet other bmw lovers :)

my car is a 9/2000 z3 3.0i. my car suspension seems to be aging, so "old" that it need to be changed according to garage (sometimes the base might hit on higher speed bump after the front wheel pass through, and when press on the car body it feels soft). the suspension is original sports package.

1. my car only run ~75000km so far. is that actually too early for "aging" of suspension?

2. i am thinking of changing to Sachs performance kit (non coilover). I am just a normal driver and I do not want to lower my car too much to avoid hitting speed bump (now my car front tire and car body allow 1.5-2 fingers). Do you have any opinions on this kit?

3. any good garage suggestion in KLN or NT (e.g. tsuen wan, tuen mun) that is experience in BMW? My garage also told me the asc pump has failed and need to be replaced ($13000 for a new one!) I just want to look for 2nd opinion about that at the same time I change the suspension

Thanks a lot!!
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Re: z3 suspension

Postby sbpang » Mon Sep 27, 2010 5:27 pm

1. well to put things into another perspective, if the suspension lasted you ten good years from 2000 to 2010, its really served you well and if this next set will last you another ten years, it should outlast the car. My M Roadster is 98/99 with 35,000 km and its on its second set of shocks as well.

2. hvn't tried Sach Sports so can't comment on it, mine is on Bilstein shocks

3. a few members here goes to a certain garage in San Po Kong, search through the forum and you will know which one I am talking about
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